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Xuancheng bathmall sanitary ware co., ltd. is located Xuancheng City, which is well known as one of the biggest baths and bathtubs manufacturing base. We mainly produce and sell acrylic bathtubs, free-standing bathtub, massage bathtub, bathroom furniture and shower enclosures from 2008. Since the establishment, we have built a good reputation for offering the finest baths and tubs to our customers among all the bathtub manufacturers, companies and bath suppliers worldwide.

Bath and tubs from bathmall sanitary ware have been approved and used in many countries and the end-users feel satisfied with our quality and service-after-sale. Our strict-quality-control and exceptional products have been widely recognized. We have been involved in operating the company and production over 7 years, and have seen tremendous growth to the point of being one of the most well-known bath and bathtubs factories in China.

Our bathtub products include drop in bathtub, simple bathtub, fiberglass bathtub, built in bathtub, soaking bathtub, alcove bathtub, skirted bathtub, freestanding bathtub, whirlpool bathtub, massage bathtub, whirlpool bathtub jacuzzi bathtub, air bathtub, corner bathtub, clawfoot tub and the new developed free-standing bathtub, PVC bathroom cabinet, MDF bathroom cabinet and solid wood bathroom  etc.

Bathmall is known for supplying high quality bath and tubs that will last for years and are very resistant to mold, mildew and yellow. We only use the best class acrylic sheet, fiberglass, resin, machinery and processing techniques. Our reputation is well-known in Middle East, East Europe, South America, South Africa etc.

Our mission is to supply high quality bathtubs, shower trays and bathroom cabinet in various sizes, styles, designs and colors, so the customers can personalize their bathrooms in an economical, comfortable and durable way by the help of our well-trained and experienced employees.

Bathmall Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is with ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate.